DJ Wizard Sleeve – Break the Bass – #Breakbeat #Drumfunk #DnB

Breakbeat, Breakbeat, Breakbeat!
Come on in Breakbeat lovers!
Here at the Nexus Radio we’re slashing Breakbeat in half!
Give us a listen of our vast selection of Breakbeat!
This is a Breakbeat blow out!

Cheech loves breakbeat

Alright, we got Loud Breakbeat, Mellow Breakbeat, Sonourous Breakbeat, Trancey Breakbeat.
We got Psy Breakbeat, Electro Breakbeat.
We got wet Breakbeat. We got Dirty Breakbeat.
We got housey Breakbeat, bassy Breakbeat.
We got snapping Breakbeat.
We got smooth Breakbeat, funky Breakbeat, raggo Breakbeat.
We even got horney Breakbeat, happy Breakbeat, and chicken Breakbeat.

C’mon, you want Breakbeat, come on in Breakbeat Lovers!
If we don’t got it, you don’t want it!
Come on in Breakbeat lovers!

Attention Breakbeat Listeners!
Take advantage of our Dirty Breakbeat Mix!
If you download one Breakbeat Mix at the regular price (free!), you get another mix of Breakbeat of equal or lesser value (free)
Try and beat Breakbeat for a penny!

If you can find better Breakbeat anywhere, fuck it!

History of Break the Bass – Breakbeat Mix

Break the Bass first aired on Nexus Radio on 19-06-2013. It has had over 500 downloads and is still getting plays on the old site.
As such it seemed like a good candidate for our migrated site, with various forms of breaks being displayed, from Electro to Psy, all finished off with some sonorous drumfunk dnb.

Track List

As always, click the album art to be taken to the tracks, or scroll to the end to play/download the mix

1. Denoiser – The Land of Illusions
2. Amazon Image Freshquim – Supersize Your Brain
3. Amazon Image Bo Scott – Bo Knows Disco (Monk3ylogic_Remix)
4. Amazon Image Hedflux, LuQas – Reptoid (Original Mix)
5. Amazon Image Deenk – Elektro (Rueda Remix)
6. Amazon Image Colombo – Summit
7. DaVIP – Take a Chance
8. Amazon Image Beatman,Ludmilla – In Breaks We Trust(Original Mix)
9. Amazon Image Access Denied, Jellyfish – Carukia Barnesi
10. Amazon Image DaVIP – Brick
11. Wardian – Control
12. Amazon Image Noisia – Red Heat
13. Amazon Image Elite Force – Spazm
14. Amazon Image Dirty Noise – Zero [Explicit]
15. Amazon Image Chrizz Luvly – Amen
16. Amazon Image Paradox – A Certain Sound
17. Aquasky – Opaque
18. Lenzman – Vale Of Tears
19. ASC – Stardust
20. Amazon Image Bkey and Smyla – The Sign
21. DJ Emery – Breathe Out

Sorry for the missing links to some of the tracks above, but I couldn’t find them on Amazon and I will edit the post later when I have had a chance to find them elsewhere. We use many services to purchase tracks, including Beatport, Juno, Track it Down, and Hard to Find Records.

I hope you enjoy the mix!

Let us know what you think!

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