DJ Wizard Sleeve – Glitch Hop Mini Mix 3 – Make It So

Origionally released on Nexus Radio in March last year, one of my first attempts at mixing Glitchhop.

It was quite popular in 2013 so we thought we would re-release Glitch Hop Mini Mix 3 – Make it So

Track List

  1. Amazon ImagePyramyth – Savage
  2. Amazon ImagePyramyth – Cowbell Rock
  3. Amazon ImageSee-I – How we do (JPOD the beat chef Remix)
  4. Amazon ImageLords of The Underground – Check it (remix)
  5. Amazon ImageFar Too Loud – 600 years
  6. Amazon ImageHedflux, Neurodriver – Energy Vibration (Mouldy Soul Remix)
  7. Amazon ImagePegboard Nerds ft. Splitbread – We are One (Vocal Mix)

Let us know what you think!

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