DJ Wizard Sleeve – Subby DnB 4 Deck Mix (Video)

Deep Subby sounds pumping bass in your face on this 4 deck high speed adventure into bassyland

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Video Mix Track List

Amazon ImageHIGH Roll – Scity
Amazon ImageSerum, MC Fats, Bladerunner -Inner Soul (Original Mix)
Amazon ImagedRamatic & dbAudio – By My Side
Amazon ImageInvasion – Cluster
Amazon ImageReborn Alchemist – Original Mix
Amazon ImageSurvival & Paul T –  Survival
Amazon ImageSolaRcube – Polar Light – Original Mix
Amazon ImageEmalkay feat. Lena Cullen – The World – Teebee Remix
Amazon ImageFuture Signal – Monopole
Amazon ImageJ Majik & Wickaman – Ritual

History of the 4 Deck Video Mix

We have a variety of DJ’s of different skill levels and equipment. From time to time we like to display what we can do and how our skills are evolving. Wizard Sleeve originally started out as a Radio DJ so in comparison to the other DJ’s is is relatively new to mixing.

That said this has been the most popular  Mix of 2014 so far and was uploaded on the 9th of February 2014

There were 3 versions uploaded to Nexus Radio
1. Video – This had a video of the mixer and a screen capture as well as the audio
2. Video+ – As above but I included some random clips to make the video more interesting. (eg pole dancing and people dancing about)
3. Audio Only – This was by far the smaller file and as stated, is audio only.

To keep things clean on the new version of the site we decided it would be best to upload the most popular of them all, which was the clean video only mix.

Currently the Stats for the mixes were

1. Clean Video Mix – 1614 downloads
2. Video Mix + Extras – 600 Downloads
3. Subby 4 Deck Mix (audio only) – 250 downloads

These were interesting statistics because it would seem that people are most interested in a subby video mix more than the audio file.

If you could comment and let us know if you really prefer a video mix over just the audio then we will happily start providing more video feeds for you.

Let us know what you think!

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