Drunken Bass – DnB – Gremlo & Wizard Sleeve – 2018 E01 – Bitter Lemon

A 2 and a half hour mix by Gremlo and Wizard Sleeve exploring some of the best Drum and Bass tracks over the years, from new tracks, re-releases, remixes and some classics. 

If you like bass in your face, you’ll love this mix, but we were both exceedingly drunk so there are a couple of fuck ups, surprisingly few considering.

This was also only my second mix using RekordBox – definitely a great bit of software, the best detection is nowhere near as strong as Serato but it seems like a better program overall, once you put the work in.

There was one point where it changed a track to 240bpm and we had no clue how to sort it too 😂😂

I’ll try and sort a track list, but for now, enjoy the mix, its full of both the good and band kind of dirty mixes haha.

Let us know what you think!

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